Miscellaneous Crafts

About Billie Ann

Hello everyone. Here is the story of how I got started creating wreaths and other custom handmade crafts. I have always enjoyed making crafts for myself. This led to me making flower arrangements during a short period when I lived in Dalton, Ga. Over time I expanded my craft skills to include making stands, swings, and other miscellaneous crafts.

A couple of years ago people started to notice my crafts and asked if I could make some for them. This is when Billie Ann’s Creations started. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed spreading cheer and love with my unique crafts. Each order is customized to the customers liking and no two items are the same.

So let me make you something beautiful.

Contact Billie Ann

Email: billieannscreations@gmail.com

Call: 478.972.9517

Venmo: @BillieAnn-Pierson

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